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On July 2015 8-10 Tokyo International Exhibition baby

Japan International Children Products Exhibition is Japan's top field of infant and child supplies exhibition, Japan International Children Products Fair is a great place for one-stop procurement of infant supplies, toys, supplies of pregnant women. In recent years the demand for infant supplies stores, stores, shops, gift shops, indoor explosion. With the market demand growth, pregnancy baby supplies exhibition attracted more attention, the exhibition covers all products of infant supplies, Japan is the one and only trade fair. The exhibition has many highlights: the organizers will hold various activities to strengthen the interaction between buyers and exhibitors, such as carrying out matching activities, exhibitors and buyers hold all kinds of special forum activities, these for you it is of great significance to understand and develop the Japanese market. Finally, the most bright spot is e-guidebook promotion. All exhibitors can to promote their products through the e-guidebook exhibition website. To participate in the exhibition the buyers will browse through the exhibition website search to your company. This is in the exhibition before the buyers and you agreed business negotiation time and create a good opportunity. Now more and more Chinese enterprises are also concerned about the Japanese market. From the effect of the exhibition, Chinese exhibitors are very satisfied with the results of this exhibition, and they all show that they will participate in the exhibition next year. The majority of maternal and child, toy industry professional manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and agents.