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Romantic Valentine's Day marriage proposal tonight - The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing housing promotions

www.jxselak.cnDuring the Lunar New Year, the most anticipated holiday than Valentine's Day on February 14. The Ritz-Carlton Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street this romantic day for lovers the world will launch a special the the supreme romantic suitor project and fine dining feast for you to add Steam shower room to the romantic atmosphere of the festival, more show the most unique and memorable personalized experience fine with.
The supreme romantic suitor project
    Valentine's Day marriage Steam shower rooms proposal has gradually become the the nowadays most romantic suitor action. If you are deliberately chosen to marry him on Valentine's Day, then mobilize all the ladies and gentlemen, please take a look at the Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street, brainstorming design a program for you, we are committed to create a unique romantic suitor will The Sheng Raiders.
    To kick off the beginning of the romance by your perfect appearance, Rolls-Royce limousine around the Sauna room clock for a job, whether you drove to the lover in front to give her a surprise, or the nearby love to travel together to know each other romantic date location, sharing the beauty of Husu love sincerely. Must Prepare for the perfect proposal, we have prepared for you the way to the hotel, the heart-shaped handmade chocolates for your sweet share. After arrival at the hotel, we will guide you into the pool empty, 200-inch big screen instantly catch your eye, the one the monographs you love story, sweet fragments and drip memories play on the screen, moved, surprise I, two friends of loved ones around have appeared on the scene as you cheer aloud marry me! crowd to witness this wonderful at the same time, a classic Ritz-Carlton style engagement party 256 Ping meter Li Sika Dayton large suite waiting for you to join relatives and friends to celebrate two of life's most important moments.
    After the party, which means Xuan filled with sweetly double candlelight dinner waiting for two came to town that night to stay in The Ritz-Carlton Suite, enjoy our considerate arrangements with carefully arranged in the two world continue to weave memorable belongs your fond memories.
    We are very grateful to you for letting us participate in the important moments of your life among, and we also hope that your big day for you to create a special part of your perfect wedding. If confirmed pre-wedding banquet, every ten tables scheduled wedding, we will be giving away two tables seats.
    This project applies scheduled between February 13, 2013 to 17 RMB 99,999 per the the supreme romantic suitor project and the Ritz-Carlton suite for one night stay.
    Valentine's Day fine dining feast
Valentine's Day night, mean Xuan, Four Seasons Golden Pavilion Restaurant will present you with creative cuisine Package one incarnation of Cupid cuisine perfect romantic experience, let the ladies and gentlemen of the Ritz-Carlton, Beijing Financial Street .
    Imply Xuan - ebullient Italian dinner
    Amore, Love meal. Executive Chef Nathan careful cooking this authentic Italian Valentine's Day Package to interpret the language of the eyes of love, like the name of this package Amore, overflowing here all love. RMB 1,288 per person, leisurely gourmet temptations your taste buds: "mean Landmark tea and Boletus Saba Yong", "homemade pickled trout, smoked organic eggs, main course from" Seared foie gras "or" Hong chops and beef Finally, do not miss the "hot chocolate cake with of Sydney Frost and Lang mother liquor juice blending pure silky feel chocolate and rum strong mellow intertwined straight Qin Heart. . .
    Finally, by special creative arrangements to ignite love romantic evening. Imply Xuan two best suitor table will be covered with rose petals and shiny candlelight. Either side of the dessert plate quietly write "Will you marry me" or a short break in the main meal, wander around the o'clock in the promise of love, returned to the restaurant to celebrate with champagne and dessert, mean Xuan will create a romantic surprise the ideal place. Means that Valentine's Day candlelight dinner for RMB 3,576 yuan Double Xuan suitor tables, we also sent a bottle of Moet Rose champagne to show blessing.
    Four Seasons - the ultimate romantic continental dinner
Let Cupid good at cooking - Hotel Executive Sous Chef Richard takes you to taste a special menu full of deep love, sweet in the mouth, the warmth in their hearts. Four Seasons Restaurant romantic dinner experience including: lobster roll with passion fruit jelly and oil-immersed vanilla tomato, Italian duck dumplings with fried goose liver and duck broth, main course you can enjoy roast beef to cattle experience - tendon, Seared cattle sirloin, braised beef cheek "," chocolate passion fruit cake with seasonal berries and oranges Frost "dessert for your romantic dating sweet full stop painting. Valentine's Day Package 988 yuan Double
    Golden Pavilion - refined and elegant Chinese seafood dinner
    The elegant Golden Pavilion Chinese seafood dinner for Valentine's Day, filling the Oriental romantic implicit. The lunch chef Jimmy master portrait of a couple embracing all kinds of gourmet seafood dishes, including packages designed for you, you can taste the fresh conch, bamboo fungus stew matsutake fungus Liao Ginseng "fresh" Huadiao protein Cordyceps spent steam The cod "tender" Pickled crabmeat burn ramen Hong final classic dessert "Yoji nectar fight Melaleuca Mara cake even more memorable. Valentine's Day Package RMB 1,788 yuan Double
    The award-winning Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street now seems to have become a financial center in Beijing landmarks. The modern design of the hotel, with the appearance of light steel glass and chrome alloy structure perfect blend of internal elegance with Oriental style. From the Capital International Airport and Tiananmen Square were thirty-five minutes and ten minutes drive. The unique geographical location, convenient to business travelers and leisure guests access to the bustling Chang'an Avenue and the Forbidden City and many other well-known historical and cultural monuments.
    The hotel has 253 configuration, superior rooms, comfortable and elegant, high-tech facilities, so you can enjoy luxury experience. The basic room size of 50 square meters, Beijing luxury brand hotel. The hotel offers three distinctive restaurants and a lobby lounge and bar, offering Chinese, Italian, innovative cuisine and all day. 1500 m2 equipped spa and fitness center, heated swimming pool, plunge pool, steam and sauna, your body and mind to completely relax and rejuvenate. In addition, the spacious multi-purpose hall and a flexible split the Grand Ballroom, and the perfect conference services to ensure the success of every meeting held.
Recently awarded the United States' private Geographic magazine's "2012 Top 100 Hotels" honorary title, as well as in the famous American "Conde Nast Traveler" travel Goldbond "for four consecutive years was awarded the world's top hotel. This is the industry's most authoritative international awards, awarded to the elite of the world's most well-known and top service hotel representatives.
    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, headquartered in, Maryland ChevyChase, currently owns 80 hotels throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, and more than 30 new hotel development projects around the world, and plans in China, Japan , Russia, Ireland, the United States, Dallas and Denver, the opening of a new hotel. Hotel Group has twice awarded by the U.S. Department of Commerce awarded "MalcolmBaldrige-National Quality Award, which is so far the only one to receive the award in the service sectors.

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