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After-sales service into a corporate brand marketing of bathroom hardware ace

Customer is God, the "bread and butter" of the survival and development of enterprises. The modern enterprise marketing not only to provide quality products and services to provide customer satisfaction. The after-sales service has increasingly become an whirlpool bathtub important corporate brand building fist, always put the interests of consumers in the first place, the enterprise in order to provide quality services to consumers of all ages.
    Services become a marketing ace
    Sanitary market, increasing competition has also led many companies to enhance shower room OEM sales of the mid-grasp. Not only to strengthen the product display, transfer corporate culture to infect consumers, is active in service above to shower cabin OEM make a fuss. Consumers face much the same product, it seems that the election Which are similar. As a product beyond the effort to become an important factor to attract consumers to buy, and consumers can feel directly the service, which a very important trump card.
    From consumers to enter a bathroom storefront, there shopping guide start reception to introduce the product to consumers professional performance, price, almost more than visiting a few laps down, know nothing about the customer originally bath products almost can touch the road. Purchasing Guide can infect the enthusiasm courtesy of consumers, so that consumers feel intimate and respect, to have a good impression of the brand, and become an important factor of the final purchase. Next, consumers will consider the merchant can provide what services, if the merchant promised services also allow consumers to feel satisfied to purchase the brand is basically the dust settles. In the after-sales service, the installation is also a work should not be overlooked. Install the technology, attitude, and consumers exchanges, communication is also a service assessment content. After the completion of the installation, and consumers in the process of using the product inevitably encounter various problems, enterprises face the reaction of consumer complaints, to make timely, effective, reasonable response, often can resolve a lot of unnecessary trouble crisis, but also to bring a good reputation.
    Although for this the chronic consumer goods, bathroom products, many of which are purchase behavior, word-of-mouth effect is not as good as FMCG less obvious, but the information age, "the good thing is not to go out, bad news travels really portrayal of the bad reputation absolutely be factors blocking potential consumers to buy products. A lot of news or forums on the Internet from time to time broke the bad sanitary ware business services information consumers face the negative information, it is difficult to judge the truth how often can only take "prefer to believe them credible" attitude "at arm's length." So, despite the good reputation is difficult to form, but can not give good service.
After-sales service repeated problems
    Although the service is a very important aspect of corporate marketing, is also important for many enterprises. But the service is, after all, a general concept, unlike the production of toilet, bathtub established methods and processes. The service is open, is most likely to play, most able to ferret out the highlights, but also "the hardest nut pumpkin. Especially in service in China is still in its infancy, the Chinese people's sense of service to be improved, the service nor the formation of a unified standard.
    After-sales service difficult to do, and after-sales service of sanitary ware business is harder to do. From last year to this year broke a lot of media exposure because of the after-sales service is unresponsive or not properly handle being consumer complaints, known bathroom brands.
    In August last year, a consumer in Anhui imperial ware store, in front of the dealers and the media, split a suspect before purchase quality acrylic toilet. The results show that the toilet actually filled with a foam filler like a sponge internal filler middle sideways a tens of centimeters long pole. Filled within a few thousand dollars worth of acrylic toilet sponge, the secrecy has been lifted, so the imperial ware caught the foam door "crisis. Emperors repeated attitude after the incident, however tough, no quality problems from their own self-examination, but to blame the consumers improper use, following again the responsibility to the dealer's head buckle. Emperors in the vortex of public opinion "did not do a good job aftermarket deeply hurt consumers trust the brand, but in this crisis, showed a great deal of irresponsibility.
Imperial ware "the foam door" also sounded the alarm, to the brand enterprises not only product quality should be excellent, it should also take consumers on the position of "God", and strive to do the aftermarket and timely solutions to the problems encountered by consumers actively consumer complaints and dissatisfaction with the demands of the consumer as a source for improved product design.
    Poor service attitude of well-known brands more than imperial one, the the Kohler bathroom is the list. Lin ... spent 1399 yuan for a new house to buy a set of "Kohler" toilet, the other door-to-door two months later, a month after the installation toilet. Wait until the new house completely renovated, Lin Kohler toilet had not been used, the cover and the base connected at the presence of faults ... but found In this regard, the Kohler Company believes that this problem is the human damage, the warranty period is also a self-financed maintenance, let the forest ... This process is difficult to accept. In addition, the Internet can also see many consumer complaints microblogging reflect Kohler product quality and after-sales service. Network called "Iraq rain flower D" netizens on the microblogging drawings reflect: on wooden toilet cover a period of two and below the pad connection screws loose today to get to Shanghai Zhongshan West Road the Kohler store the Ringbom company aftermarket to consult whether repairs were rudely rejected. "consumers to buy well-known brands mostly want to be able to be guaranteed in the quality of products and services, did not expect or will experience various problems, especially there is a problem with the after-sales service to consumers complain about most.
    Sort of after-sales service problems many brands there is also an urgent need to improve the service work of the sanitary industry.
    Most of the service model convergence
    Homogenization of bathroom products has been criticized by the industry, the same service could not escape the "curse". Unlike the appliance industry has formed a complete after-sales service system, the Ministry of Commerce promulgated the "Measures for the Administration of appliance repair services" provisions of the standard of maintenance services.

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