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Future Home Smart Home popularize smarter than anyone else furniture

One-button control at home becomes "lazy"
    "The smart home products on the market is increasing Massage bathtub OEM year by year, smart home equipment, a key will be able to control the various facilities in the home, small smart cabinets, smart toilets, smart shoe, will make life easier and comfortable lot." Real a decorative, general manager of the Eastern Region, said Geng Liming, customers in the decoration, installation of a large home intelligent systems is generally high-end crowd, these intelligent systems including Whirlpool bathtub OEM switch control, lighting control, waste management, new wind, water treatment, air treatment, such as lying on the sofa to by various facilities IPAD control home, draw the curtains, adjust the lamp to open the home theater a breeze. Home away from home, abnormal to you Bathtub OEM through the phone automatically alarm; nobody at home but forget to turn off the air conditioning, lights and other smart devices will automatically start the "energy-saving" scene, turn off all lights, electrical appliances, as well as the magic of garbage processor, hard-to-handle kitchen garbage thrown into the garbage processor can be crushed into liquid form, is automatically routed to the outdoors or into the sewer, it's fantastic.
    "However, these smart home equipment, a set of possible a few dollars or even a few hundred thousand dollars, the average consumer may not accept ordinary consumers experience the intelligent home devices, from smart toilets, smart furniture began." Said Geng Liming .
    Most popular smart toilet market
    Meikailong the Kazi stores is one of the most high-end home stores in Nanjing. Recently, this reporter found there a lot of smart home products.
    In the area of ​​the first floor of the cabinet, the reporter saw a wide range of smart cabinets, the main function of wisdom cabinet doors can be opened and closed automatically. In a smart kitchen showroom, the reporter saw a dark cabinet doors are not equipped to handle, cabinet OTC door panels, the touch of the remote control will be able to open and close; drawer under the cabinet table with his knee one can freely open, also can touch the switch up and down movements seasoning basket.
    Smart bathroom is common in the bathroom area, bathroom brands have launched more than half of the intelligent bathroom products, the most popular is the smart toilet, smart toilet generally Jacuzzi, automatic control warm seat, functions, more advanced through the induction system automatically open and close, do not need to use a hand to switch seat cover. In addition to smart toilet, some smart bathtub, smart washbasin in several top bathroom brands can see, for example, there is a fully automatic washbasin, when people will close automatically thrown Blu-ray, the water flow will be in accordance with the set temperature automatically outflow .
    In the furniture area, the reporter also found a smart shoe with sterilization, disinfection and drying functions, folding dining table decoration open the device automatically shift the wardrobe door can be opened automatically, and so on.
    Intelligent product prices gradually decline
    "With respect to the ordinary household products with smart, the price will certainly be relatively high. However, With smart technology becomes more mature, the price of the last couple of years a lot of smart home products has been reduced a lot."
    Meikailong clamp stores a staff said, some smart toilet in the market, for example, a lot of people at home to use on smart toilet lid, the price will be able to buy three or four thousand. Home store will attract more and more intelligent products settled, only to allow consumers to truly experience the comfort of smart products, and convenient, the popularity can become a reality.
    The smart home future trends
    Geng Liming Shichuang decorative, general manager of Eastern Region contact renovation of thousands of families in the home improvement industry for many years. Recently, the reporter interviewed Geng Liming, he would see the penetration of smart home home decoration.
    Reporter: in the home improvement market in Nanjing, decoration Additions smart home crowd?
    Geng Liming: As far as I know, in the decoration switch control, smart home alarm control, lighting control, waste disposal, fresh air, vacuum equipment, mainly a handful of villa decoration, and similar smart toilets, smart shoe products, some white-collar family enjoy life will choose to use in the decoration.
Overall, 100 home decoration, may be less than 10 percent of households will choose some of the smart home products.
    Reporter: the price is the biggest obstacle to hinder the smart home products into the average family?
    Geng Liming: In my opinion, yes. Smart relatively ordinary products, the price will be multiplied several-fold, which allow consumers to easily discouraged. Another reason is that the degree of simplification of the smart home needs to be improved, had intelligence products to bring superior to the individual's life, save time and cost and physical costs, resource costs, but the complicated procedures of use confused things get complicated.
    Anyway, the smart home is definitely the future trends. As long as the price is down, easy to use, it will be able to more quickly into the homes of ordinary people.

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