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« Bathtub return in the high-end market price 5,000 best-sellingFuture Home Smart Home popularize smarter than anyone else furniture »

Gadgets sound sanitary industry bring extraordinary feelings

Brand of sanitary ware industry history, corporate development, "husky", the experience was almost if driving on the highway in Guangdong area, the many billboards Gesanchaiwu will be able to see the name of each bathroom. These brands in the entire household whirlpool bathtub categories is relatively mature, the entire household, sanitary ware brand is also more prominent, marketing and market also done relatively stable.
    China sanitary industry forward to a son aggressive, despite facing the European anti-dumping, faced with shower room OEM shrinking foreign markets, the bathroom industry bigwigs still optimistic and uphold the shower cabin OEM entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the early.
    Antique tiles
    Small fresh and unique antique tiles, both the effect of the decoration from the home area, the small apartment Chende generous, come out decent. Delightful is inevitable. The tile industry competition is quite fierce. High, medium and low market brands, product homogeneity serious. Changes in recent years not only enhance consumer brand awareness, product distribution structure has also undergone a lot of changes, tiles, the tiles market share gradually reduce, antique tiles listed among the mainstream products. Experienced designers feel that good design will bring home a better experience, excellent tile will be given a brand new space unique temperament.
    Smart bathroom
    Smart product development never stopped, also compete for the inevitable market of high-end sanitary ware market. In addition to many well-known high-end brands inherited Smart series products have been doing some midrange brand also intervene in the market gradually. However, the latter part of the quality should be fine. TOTO latest series, set "Auto Flush", "automatically open and close automatically deodorant," a series of induction, the artificial intelligence enjoy the interpretation. Brand of intelligent products, electrolytic water sterilization technology, spray electrolysis sterilization of water after each use, the toilet wall and nozzle cleaning, sterilization, keeping time cleaning. Super swirling flush, whirlpool water surging flushing at the the thorough, powerful flushing toilets, at the same time, can keep quiet flush.
    Relative to the South and the first-tier cities, the local high-end consumers, consumer awareness is not mature, relatively traditional habits, smart bathroom to accept slower.
    Whole bathtub
    The size of the bathtub is not only about the size of the space, and also directly related to the functional design of the bathtub. , Many brands have developed many interesting bath design, such as surfing, music, massage function; shape in space, share the series with two, three, or family, in addition to a very small 1.2 m trumpet bathtub it is suitable for single women at home idle bubble, many women's favorite. Not occupied houses too large an area, bath and can fully meet the need. The arc-shaped appearance is a very easy way out, nice. Break through the traditional design, comfort cylinder internal space, the unique design of the overflow, the achievements of the super three-dimensional flow. And more suitable for the small bathroom space.
    "Lead-free" stainless steel faucet
    Zhuhai Bullock, chairman of the Hardware revealed that Pur hair, the market leading price difference is relatively large, in addition to the brand, technology and other factors, mainly depends on the surface and the inner core material. Now, the main material stainless steel, copper, PVC materials, iron-carbon alloys, including stainless steel, brass better stability, the price is more expensive. New stainless steel products, the farewell copper utensils may cause lead poisoning occurred. The copper faucet surface usually "plating" process, it has good gloss appearance, form a protective layer. Health patina lead plating layer off, affect the appearance, the thicker plating layer, the greater the pollution of the environment, leading ordinary copper plating layer hard objects easily scratched and damaged, and generally use 2 to 3 years. Stainless steel faucet 304 stainless steel material, no lead, no rust, will not cause lead contamination of water sources, and will not damage human health, more secure and reliable. Reshape the health, environmental protection, low-carbon wind.

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