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Bathtub return in the high-end market price 5,000 best-selling

Sanitary industry in China has experienced 20 years of development, has become the world's largest production and sales of sanitary products. Policies of real estate 70/90 in 2006, the real estate market, the proportion of small units to increase shower cabin at the same time, with the the continuing impact of the property market, the purchase of credit limit policy, real estate customer base mainly in the rigid demand of buyers for them, the total price is not too high, can not be massage bathtub too much a total area of ​​multiple environmental causes throughout the home building materials market by a certain the jacuzzi bathtub impact of bathroom products - one bathtub sales also appeared to decline slightly. "Insiders told reporters.
    "The current market kingpin acrylic material, 2000 yuan -5000 yuan products more attractive to consumers." OUYAD responsible person, the bathtub in Xudong store sales, accounting for five of the total sales of the stores Ware % -10%, An Huajie with manager Ms. Yang said sales of its products in Wuhan, southern reach refrain.
    Whether to choose a bathtub at home, the biggest decision is that the size of the bathroom.
    The jiumu, Kohler, constant cleaning, in Yu and many other bathroom brand responsible person said, bath product positioning itself in the high-end group, due to the aggravation of a bathroom small apartment proportion of the sales of the real estate market, but also the entire market bathtub sales fell slightly the main reason.
    With 80 after 90 groups enter the market, they require the comfort of home products increased, "I am a 95-square-meter three-bedroom, bathroom 8 m2 many useful, considering the bathtub, I shower and bathtub made a fit, that is standing in the bathtub shower. "who lives in Hankou Ms. Lin told reporters, she said with a smile, bathtub market sales reduce, not reduced demand.
    Constant clean bathroom the Wuhan areas related responsible person, the whole, the current market requirements for product quality has improved since 2007, consumer spending power is gradually improving. The product of any material, must from time to time to enhance their technical content, improve product quality and added value in order to win the market. Such as strengthening the introduction of new sanitary production of new technologies, such as nano-antibacterial ceramic technology, green products, production technologies, from time to time to develop a new generation of new high-end products to meet market demand and beneficial products into the international high-end market.
    Products priced from $ 2,000
    To more than 10 million dollars
    Bath product sales of Wuhan City, the supermarkets have a variety of styles, materials distinguish ceramic bathtub, acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub, drums and tubs, acrylic material sales accounted for the heaviest ordinary bathtub and Jacuzzi; functional distinction select different groups, ordinary bathtub sales basically flat with jacuzzi; style points have skirted cylinder and skirted cylinder skirted cylinder simple installation, saving time and does not cost the material characteristics of sales better .
    Jinsheng International Home relevant responsible person said, sales are concentrated in the bathtub smart bathtub, more functional bath more favored by consumers, economy of nearly two thousand dollars for the price of the bathtub, there are more than 10 million smart technology type products on the market in Wuhan, the highest price of the product in 10 million.
    OUYAD home building materials official told reporters, With the improvement of people's living standards, the functionality of the bathtub is not limited to the use of a bath, and more people to the bathtub as conditioning the body, cultivation of the mind and body, skin care maintenance tools also can wash bulky clothing, such as blankets, very convenient to have children at home to give the child a bath is a good choice.
    Select brand products more secure
    Species, many brands of product markets, the selection of bath products to pay attention to what? Wuhan Building Decoration Industry Association, said Guo Wei, Secretary-General, in addition to comply with their own style of decoration and bathroom size, big brand bathroom, whether products or late services are more secure.
According to Guo Wei, Secretary-General of the Wuhan Architectural Decoration Industry Association Secretary-General, the development of the bathtub can be summarized in three stages.
    Market before 2000 is completely blank
    Prior to 2000, the entire domestic market has just started, 15 years ago, Kohler and other international brands to enter the Chinese began to lock the coastal cities, target market straight cut luxury hotels, office buildings, luxury residential. Rather the Mainland brand gregarious majority of undeveloped and underdeveloped areas, international and domestic brand camp basic nonaggression.
    2000-2005 average family do not choose
    With the extension of the housing reform policy in the Mainland, independently owned family of their own homes have their own subjective views increased demand for decoration, also foreign brands to China's vast mainland market advance. Foreign brands still occupy a market share of more than 80% of high-grade, low-end market share for 3000 domestic companies to carve up.
    Since 2005, walked into ordinary people's homes
    Foreign brands continue to expand its market in China. Some county-level markets everywhere the Kohler, jiumu billboards. At the same time, the domestic sanitary ware brand accelerated development, presented to constant cleaning, the French standard, Bulova, Diamond brand, along with the emergence of 80 after a number of owners, individual needs to increase, with the property market in 2010 policy introduction of the rigid demand due to purchase an area of ​​reasons led to the decline in demand.

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