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Jacuzzi bring new enjoyment of a comfortable life

After a day of high-intensity work, the body is tired, always wanted to find a way to ease the physical and mental fatigue. At this time, we will choose a hot bubble bath, the water temperature can accelerate blood circulation, eliminating fatigue. If  shower room the bathtub with massage function, with the stereo to point Listening, who themselves feel very good.
First, buy Jacuzzi
Jacuzzi is usually considered a bathroom, people want to buy, and more to patronize decorating bathroom shop, nobody in electronics stores are renowned for it. In fact, jacuzzi ordinary bathtub, it is a kind of home appliances, a luxury electrical equipment. Jacuzzi shower enclosure mainly consists of two parts, cylinder and massage system.
Bathtub cylinder part is nothing more than a variety of shapes, materials as steel or acrylic; massage system, the cylinder visible nozzle bathtub behind the pipeline, motor, control box. This massage system is the key purchase Jacuzzi, is also bathtub part of the average person has little awareness of Jacuzzi.
Purchase jacuzzi should have three steps: understanding sprinklers, listen to the motor, and view details.
Second, the partial introduction
1 Sprinklers
Jacuzzi cylinder wall, Bottom distribution nozzles, ranging from two pairs of as many as a dozen, it is to achieve the effects of massage with water.
Bottom of the nozzle to massage the back, the nozzle of the cylinder wall to massage the soles of the feet, the sides of the body and shoulder.
According to the configuration of the nozzle, jacuzzi, generally divided into a single system with two types of hybrid systems. Single system, a single water spray with single jet; combination system, the sprinkler with jet.
Buy what jacuzzi, it is necessary to know the efficacy of the efficacy of the nozzle and nozzle combination.
2, water spray
Spray nozzle was divided into two, one through pipes, pumps, water sprayed from the nozzle to; another turbine nozzle it each nozzle has a separate motor, water is inhaled from the shower head around, and then from the middle spray, massage spray nozzle through the water.
3 jet
The jet of the nozzle itself is no water, it is through the pump, pipes, the discharge airflow, the formation of bubbles in the water to massage.
Compared to the jet nozzle, a stronger massage spray nozzle. To increase massage intensity and strength, the usual practice is now in the retrofitting sprinkler mouth with airflow.
Third, the works
The jacuzzi major motor sports, bathtub inner wall of the nozzle jet mixed with air flow, causing the water cycle, human body massage. As long as the bath tub filled with water, it can be self-sufficient operation. The bottom of the bathtub has a suction mouth, the water sucked from here the pump, and then flow back through the nozzle mounted on the both sides of the bathtub bathtub. The air from the air intake for inhaling and rotate each nozzle edge in nozzle at water mixed, you can adjust the gas flow.
, Physiotherapy
1, fitness therapy:
Drink a glass of water at room temperature, to help clean the circulation system, the water temperature of 34 ℃ is appropriate; start hydromassage system running 8-10 minutes, during which time, massage water to relieve the nerves of the skin's surface; according to the following manner shower at 20 ° C water: from the left to the hips, from the foot to the hips, from the left hand to the shoulder, from the right hand to the shoulder (both from the bottom upwards), showerheads on the abdomen, The shower head is on the back of the next.
2, relieve stress:
36 ° C water in the tub to fill, you can add some relaxation effect of water-soluble bath oil, to strengthen the effect of hydro-massage; startup air massage system, running 3 minutes relaxation of muscle tissue, so that the bottom of the bubbles, and as skin increased elasticity. After the end of all this process, it is recommended to drink a cup with room temperature water of the same temperature, lying in bed and try to stretch your body. One week can be 2-3 times the bath.

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