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Five strategies to help defend bath hardware dealers out of the triple trouble

At present domestic brand bathroom is numerous, sanitary metal material is diversified development, the mainland market no a bath for enterprise occupies 10% market share. The big brands marketing monopoly effect has not been formed. Many merchants wei yu fight, or will cause wei yu the big market shuffle.


Guangdong medium and small ceramic sanitary wares enterprise seizes the market was anti-dumping

Recently, Indonesia, South Korea, Argentina, Peru and Brazil in China have set up many ceramics trade barriers, our country faced in big trouble ceramic export situation.

Guangdong as China's largest ceramics production and export base, ceramic export has for years has maintained a rapid growth, but 1 month guangdong export all kinds of ceramic product appeared 5.9% year-on-year drop. According to industry expert analysis, ceramic export commodities of the low added value, Whirlpool bathtub OEM ...

Inverse city on wei yu the enterprise channel developing need to diversify

Since 2012, the first hint of cold bath industry market has very obvious, the industry professionals to industry foreground be optimistic, but the yuan inside depreciation of raw materials to rise, to artificially outside appreciation of the real estate market stuck export, and limit the loan, the credit tightening cause capital chain nervous...... All these great influence in the bathroom industry in 2012 basic trend. From a long time dimension to see, China's economy after 30 years of rapid growth, the accumulation of previous decades in great demand, market capacity expansion has been in sharp gradually in digestion, whether real estate industry or sanitary ware, the future of the market is still in, but that overall growth brilliant scene will be hard pressed to reproduce. Facing these test, sanitary industry how to survive and even is a contrarian become the enterprise of the most attention part of the problem.


Consumers are willing to try to break through barriers to popular intelligent sanitary ware

Market research

Consumers are willing to try to intelligent clean is provided

For intelligent sanitary ware, many people is not new. This newspaper has joint sina household is "would you like to use the smart wei yu" investigation, at the time, the data show that 72.6% of consumers to the intelligence sanitary ware said "heard, but used", and are willing to try to use the smart ware, 91% of consumers said they would like to try to use.


Wei yu May 1 promotion is multifarious take precautions against consumption trap

Wei yu the enterprise promotion present situation

"Big price war"

At present, sanitary and bath ware traders have launched one low again low discount, let the dazzling thought, limited to snap up the ultra low-cost, all sorts of tie-in combination of the package, the return of a top cash of millions of dollars, etc, known as the "luxury wei yu" was also in "ultra low storm" price prominently in, not famous, domestic and international famous brand bathroom involved up to hundreds of species. The price of one low again low, really let consumers discerning stand or fall true and false made difficult. According to insiders, sanitary and bath ware if long-term go price course, and return to the mind of the consumer "high-quality goods ACTS the role of material" will become a luxury.


Market research: intelligence to break through barriers to clean popularization

Mention intelligent sanitary ware, many people's first reaction may be "expensive", and this is the intelligent clean the leading cause of low penetration rate, as technology gradually mature, smart sanitary ware price is expected to started to drop.


New clean bath hardware industry section water environmental protection detonated become an inevitable trend

Bathroom industry competition is fierce, popular trend is also very important, 2011 household bathroom industry popular trend, experts think the public to wei yu choice will continue to be in the health, environmental protection, individual character, function first for consumption contracted principle, and comfortable wei yu the controversial new enjoy also recommended for people.


China's development trend forecast intelligent environmental protection wei yu is the mainstream

In 2011, sanitary industry also has development downturn, some a line WenZhongQiuJin brand bathroom, in adversity achievement new brand image. In 2012, the bathroom industry market demand remains strong, the wave lang industry will facing another integration development. Throughout the whole bathroom industry, in 2012 there will be three development trend.


Ceramic sanitary market chaos resembles a brand true sorrow

Small make up in ceramic sanitary market visit process, found that some both familiar and unfamiliar brand, familiar with refers to the name of the brand, strange is to point to, the brand was not producing ceramic sanitary ware products, such as some famous ceramic tile brand, also appeared now sanitary ware products, such as the Nobel wei yu, Marco Polo wei yu and the Mona Lisa wei yu, and so on, thin ask under some business and ceramic tile that defend bath manufacturer no relation to the results. Introduce according to the personage inside course, this kind of phenomenon in appear has had many years of time, the wei yu in the local store brand many, also have their own a set of complete sales network system.


Profits era, sanitary industry starts to go "down"

Wei yu product terminal market entry age subdivision

Since the prices of the raw materials such as rising factors, sanitary hardware industry not only didn't have a "spring" by the consumer's question instead, the profits "profits times" is really is gone? With the 2012 raw material product rising food and consumer market continues to expand, bathroom industry more competitive market, sanitary hardware industries to the market for also begins to appear unspoken rules, the market profits start were questioned.



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