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The carbon crystal industry Pilot SUNWORLD consumers enjoy the energy-saving heating

www.jxselak.cnJiangsu the carbon crystal SUNWORLD Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional commitment to carbon crystal electric materials research and development, production of high-tech manufacturing enterprises, as a pilot of the carbon crystal industry sauna room Manufacturers still fertile in various energy-saving, environmental protection, safety, saving targets tireless efforts, hard to get the praise of consumers Strict product quality.

Romantic Valentine's Day marriage proposal tonight - The Ritz-Carlton, Beijing housing promotions

www.jxselak.cnDuring the Lunar New Year, the most anticipated holiday than Valentine's Day on February 14. The Ritz-Carlton Ritz-Carlton Beijing Financial Street this romantic day for lovers the world will launch a special the the supreme romantic suitor project and fine dining feast for you to add Steam shower room to the romantic atmosphere of the festival, more show the most unique and memorable personalized experience fine with.

Buy a good quality shower requires common sense

1, ordinary shower chassis plus fencing, luxury shower roomThe as well as computer temperature control, sauna and massage functions. The specific choice of what kind, mainly based The The owner's preferences. More The more shower rooms expensive price, generally old said that The function is not necessarily good.

After-sales service into a corporate brand marketing of bathroom hardware ace

Customer is God, the "bread and butter" of the survival and development of enterprises. The modern enterprise marketing not only to provide quality products and services to provide customer satisfaction. The after-sales service has increasingly become an whirlpool bathtub important corporate brand building fist, always put the interests of consumers in the first place, the enterprise in order to provide quality services to consumers of all ages.

Future Home Smart Home popularize smarter than anyone else furniture

One-button control at home becomes "lazy"
    "The smart home products on the market is increasing Massage bathtub OEM year by year, smart home equipment, a key will be able to control the various facilities in the home, small smart cabinets, smart toilets, smart shoe, will make life easier and comfortable lot." Real a decorative, general manager of the Eastern Region, said Geng Liming, customers in the decoration, installation of a large home intelligent systems is generally high-end crowd, these intelligent systems including Whirlpool bathtub OEM switch control, lighting control, waste management, new wind, water treatment, air treatment, such as lying on the sofa to by various facilities IPAD control home, draw the curtains, adjust the lamp to open the home theater a breeze. Home away from home, abnormal to you Bathtub OEM through the phone automatically alarm; nobody at home but forget to turn off the air conditioning, lights and other smart devices will automatically start the "energy-saving" scene, turn off all lights, electrical appliances, as well as the magic of garbage processor, hard-to-handle kitchen garbage thrown into the garbage processor can be crushed into liquid form, is automatically routed to the outdoors or into the sewer, it's fantastic.

Gadgets sound sanitary industry bring extraordinary feelings

Brand of sanitary ware industry history, corporate development, "husky", the experience was almost if driving on the highway in Guangdong area, the many billboards Gesanchaiwu will be able to see the name of each bathroom. These brands in the entire household whirlpool bathtub categories is relatively mature, the entire household, sanitary ware brand is also more prominent, marketing and market also done relatively stable.

Bathtub return in the high-end market price 5,000 best-selling

Sanitary industry in China has experienced 20 years of development, has become the world's largest production and sales of sanitary products. Policies of real estate 70/90 in 2006, the real estate market, the proportion of small units to increase shower cabin at the same time, with the the continuing impact of the property market, the purchase of credit limit policy, real estate customer base mainly in the rigid demand of buyers for them, the total price is not too high, can not be massage bathtub too much a total area of ​​multiple environmental causes throughout the home building materials market by a certain the jacuzzi bathtub impact of bathroom products - one bathtub sales also appeared to decline slightly. "Insiders told reporters.

Jacuzzi bring new enjoyment of a comfortable life

After a day of high-intensity work, the body is tired, always wanted to find a way to ease the physical and mental fatigue. At this time, we will choose a hot bubble bath, the water temperature can accelerate blood circulation, eliminating fatigue. If  shower room the bathtub with massage function, with the stereo to point Listening, who themselves feel very good.

Energy conservation and emission reduction efforts to strengthen ceramic sanitary industry is the most important

In recent years, with the increase of energy saving and emission reduction efforts, as a large ceramic sanitary wares of the energy industry the brunt of influence. Energy conservation and emission reduction is not only the ceramic sanitary industry will be one of the hurdles, more likely to become ceramic sanitary wares enterprise survival "dead acupuncture point". Ceramic sanitary industry faces for energy conservation and emission reduction pressure, on the one hand,shower cabin OEM...

Wei yu floor enterprise how to innovative construction TaoWei marketing system

Floor industry overall environment changes, in such a profession new period, the enterprise must conform to defend bath floor of the characteristics of The Times change and change, the past that comparatively extensive management and marketing way has lost market and the function, the innovation of the system has also marketing is imperative.



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