Company introduction


Jiaxing Shengleike sanitary Technology Co. Ltd.

Jiaxing Shengleike sanitary Technology Co. Ltd is located in the beautiful Yangtze River Delta of Zhejiang Province, Pinghu City, east of Shanghai, west of Hangzhou, plant area of 35000 square meters. Shengleike namid bathroom, bathroom, bathroom, nano - Adorable treasure is a famous brand company, is specialized in the fashion leisure sanitary ware (computer steam shower room, massage bathtub, milk bath, nano SPA pet baby swimming cylinder, baby change washing) design, development, production, sales of large export company has a large number of outstanding management, design, production technology and marketing talents team. The company started to enter the domestic market in 2000, the high-tech and high quality products into the world's top domestic and foreign high-end consumer groups, its unique design, first-class technology and the best combination of materials, not only to the world with a good bathroom furniture is also rich, the world leisure sanitary ware culture. We will grow together with you with the idea of "hand in hand, co - creation and common glory".

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